The Markets

IS2CP has turned the corner and focused on three markets; Insurance, Media, Technology and a PRE-IPO stage within 18 months. By utilizing its proprietary business techniques that enable the funding of select specific projects and transactions in a clear and concise manner. With potential risk identified and mitigated, the IS2CP business technique provides for venture management, completion, and ensures the ultimate financial success for each project selected.

Insurance Market

Our approach to the insurance market is unique due to the fact we are serving a much underserved niche market. An article by S&P states that this is a 500 Billion Dollar a year market with only 15% of this global market being served. That leaves 85% of this market unserved. This places IS2CP with a great opportunity to expand its market place foothold. The key is credit along with political risk mitigation management techniques designed specifically for this market place.


Technology Market

In the Technology Sector, we are focused primarily in the “Internet of Things” (IOT) space. It is the fastest growing technology segment and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 5 BILLION devices interconnected wirelessly through the internet. Our technology partners are very early players in this space with expertise and well over 2 million deployed units in a variety of vertical markets, including transportation, vehicles, food transport, wearables (watches, senior monitoring, etc.), security, industrial (oil & gas, etc.), water management (a very critical and HUGELY growing space), and consumer spaces. Not since the invention and deployment of the internet itself has there been such a wide-ranging set of opportunities for those that are well prepared. Use of funds will include investment in promising new technologies and early stage, operational firms with an eye towards growth and acquisition exit strategies.

Consumers, Industrial, and Government customers all are in desperate need of this rapidly growing, rapidly changing technology. With over 25 years’ experience in the space, our team is very well prepared to deliver profitable results.


Media Market

One of the key to success in virtually every aspect of the media market is the direct and timely access to capital for the fluid movement necessary to stay viable, and maintain traction within the sector. On top of that is the need to deliver consistent execution in a segment plagued by sometimes conflicting goals.

IS2CP’s media market partners utilizes a one-stop-shop approach to projects whereby they carefully control virtually every aspect of the content creation from concept through physical production, and ultimately of all final components necessary for the completion and marketing materials by their world-wide distributor partner. These partners in turn deliver the completed content directly to various market-spaces including: Domestic Theatrical Release, VOD Sales, DVD, International Sales and all ancillary markets.

IS2CP provides a foreign entity structured for investment in primarily US companies that are engaged in rapidly growing international markets. Use of funds will be directed at: new content, print and advertising investment in completed projects, final finishing of existing projects, and distribution expansion.

Big Kill. A project of IS2CP with Archstone.